Project developed for Al Habtoor Emiratization Program. The project comprised of a job portal for Al Habtoor Group to manage the process of hiring Emiratis in Al Habtoor group of companies. Project had core components for 'Registration portal for Emiratis', 'Backend for HR Staff to scrutinize profiles', 'recommendations of different departments bases on profile' and Module to manage all phases of employment from Interview, Induction to Exit. The project included access control on each and every level where only authenticated users were able to perform different actions. The project also included a notification system to alert different officers on different levels.

My responsibilities included gathering requirements and development of project from start to delivery. Different custom modules were developed to fulfil the requirements.
A reporting system to provide officers with a detail insight into the Emiratization program.

Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, PyroCMS, MySQL

Duration: June 2012 - December 2012

Team Size: 1+

Employer: Echo One

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