Description: was a Facebook like social networking website for hunters in Europe. This site was built to link over 70,000 hunters all over Europe.

This project was unique in a sense that it was built using the core of OpenMercury which is a CMS however this project had large number of modules that were custom made for a social networking engine. It had Facebook features like wall, photo gallery, forums, and marketplace and also had additional features like hunting guides and yellow pages for tour operators and wholesalers and also had a full informational database for different hunt-able species in Europe.

My responsibilities included development of core modules based on the required received from PM in Belgium. I was also responsible for delegating tasks to the team members in Pakistan. This social networking site was discontinued after huge popularity of facebook.

Technologies: JDK 1.5, J2EE, Velocity, JSP, Postgres, MySQL, Lucene JQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, XML.

Duration: 2009 - 2010

Team Size: 5

Employer: Zeropoint.IT

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